The Mission of Foundation
The mission of the Maestro Temirkanov International Foundation for Cultural Initiatives is to preserve, develop and enrich Russia's national musical heritage; to encourage and support St. Petersburg's unique culture and traditions of musical performance; and to share their legacy with the world.

The Maestro Temirkanov International Foundation

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Celebrated 15th Anniversary
Dear Friends,

In different cultures, there exists a wide array of manifestations of spirituality in the practice of everyday life. Some societies propagate a rational, purely intellectual approach to life. Others are advocates of a religious or mystical attitude towards people and Nature. Yet others are more concerned about pragmatic matters and values. None of these are true for Russian culture. It is imbued with artistry, musicality and aestheticism.

The 18th century social critic Alexander Radischev said that the very form of state rule in Russia should accommodate to the Russian ear for music. This statement illustrates perfectly the position that musical creation occupies in the life and history of the Russian people.

I am overwhelmed with joy to be one of many who represent this art and touch people's heartstrings, evoking high thoughts in them.

Music is much of an incessant Liturgy. And I am happy to belong to its domain and to serve its truth.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am immensely proud to be the president of The Maestro Temirkanov International Foundation for Cultural Initiatives and well aware of the responsibility for the success of its Mission.

After a decade of its existence, with Maestro Temirkanov's guidance and support as well as the Board of Trustees and many benefactors, the Foundation has gained the reputation of a guardian of Russian culture and Saint Petersburg's artistic tradition.

We will continue our contribution by organizing music festivals and charity concerts, by rendering financial assistance to talented young musicians and by funding other compelling programmes which may develop Saint Petersburg culturally and expand its ambitions to becoming increasingly important in national culture.

The Maestro Temirkanov International Foundation for Cultural Initiatives is entering its second decade with tremendous ideas, hope and vigour. I invite you to join us on our journey.
The Founder of the Foundation
The President of the Foundation